Which Water Purifier is the Best in 2024?

Top 5 Best Karofi Water Purifiers in 2024

1. Karofi S-s038 Water Purifier

Karofi S-s038 Water Purifier

The Karofi Slim S-s038 water purifier is considered one of the best-selling products in the water purifier lineup.

With its compact and unique design, the Slim S-s038 belongs to the non-cabinet water purifier category. Its slim size takes up minimal installation space and can be easily placed in kitchen cabinets or under sink, providing convenience for daily use.

The filtration system of the Slim S-s038 consists of 8 stages, helping to remove bacteria, germs, rust, impurities, and provide essential minerals for the body. After passing through the 8 filter cores meeting the standards certified by the Ministry of Health, the water ensures safe quality for consumption.
The 100 GDP RO membrane imported from South Korea is one of the crucial components of the system, enhancing the purity rate to 60% and reducing the wastewater rate to 40%.

Moreover, the product boasts powerful filtration capacity, delivering 20 liters of water per hour to meet continuous consumer needs.

2. Karofi KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

Karofi KAQ-P95 Water Purifier

The Karofi KAQ-P95 water purifier, launched in early 2021, is a flagship product of the Karofi brand and has become one of the best-selling water purifier models. The product is equipped with advanced Aiotec technology, allowing users to monitor the water purifier’s status through a smartphone easily and conveniently.

The filtration system of the Karofi KAQ-P95 water purifier includes 10 filtration levels, including Smax Duo 1-2-3 filter core group, quick-change Smax RO filter core from the United States, high-performance Smax filter core, and Nano Silver plus Smax filter core. All filter cores are cast in one piece to prevent bacteria and harmful impurities.
Smax technology provides double filtration capacity with a flow rate of up to 20 L/H. The wastewater recovery rate from the KAQ-P95 is reduced to 30%, meaning every liter of purified water yields 70% pure water and 30% wastewater.

Additionally, the KAQ-P95 water purifier integrates many smart features and applications, including LED display notifications, filter replacement alerts, leakage alerts, weak water supply alerts, input water loss notifications, storage compartments, and overflow prevention systems.

With an eye-catching design, the Karofi KAQ-P95 water purifier features toughened glass and sophisticated Hitech style, combining dominant black and emerald green colors. With a modern and elegant appearance, the product not only serves as a water purifier but also becomes part of the interior, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding space.

3. Karofi KAQ-O07 Water Purifier

Karofi KAQ-O07 Water Purifier

The Karofi KAQ-O07 water purifier is the next product we want to introduce. This is a new generation product with reasonable prices that have attracted many consumers.

The Karofi KAQ-O07 water purifier has a 10-stage filtration system, including 3 coarse filter cores, RO membrane, and 6 functional filter cores. Especially, there are 2 Hydrogen and Tourmaline cores to prevent aging and activate water molecules for easy absorption into the body.
Smax technology provides double filtration capacity with a flow rate of up to 20 L/H. The wastewater recovery rate reaches 60%, reducing 71% of wastewater, saving electricity and water costs for users.

The device also features modern Aiotec technology, allowing users to remotely monitor the machine’s operation.

The KAQ-O07 water purifier integrates intelligent display mode, allowing users to easily control machine indicators:

Notifications on the LED screen
Water purity index
Error alerts
Water leakage alerts
This product line has a stylish design with a harmonious blue color combined with a sophisticated design, inspired by polygonal shapes, symbolizing intelligence and knowledge, enhancing the beauty of the surrounding interior space.

4. Karofi KAQ-U95 Water Purifier

Karofi KAQ-U95 Water Purifier

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier is also one of the best-selling products today. This is the first product line to apply modern Aiotec technology, helping users monitor the machine’s status remotely and provide maximum support. With just a smartphone connected to Wifi, you can monitor the machine’s operation status, replace filter cores periodically, and receive error alerts for timely handling.

The device is equipped with a superior filtration system with 10 stages, including 3 coarse filter cores, RO membrane, and 6 functional filter cores. The 10-water filter system ensures high-quality output water, which can be consumed directly without boiling.
This product line has a large filtration capacity, reaching up to 20 L/H, thanks to Smax technology, meeting the continuous user needs.

Moreover, the device always displays the water purity level on the screen, helping users easily control water quality. The product also integrates a filter replacement button, allowing you to monitor the timing of regular filter changes, ensuring the best operating efficiency for the machine.

The Karofi KAQ-U95 water purifier impresses with its sleek design, soft lines, suitable for installation in various locations such as kitchen, under the sink, or neatly stored in a cabinet.

5. Karofi KAD-D66 Water Purifier

Karofi KAD-D66 Water Purifier

The Karofi KAD-D66 water purifier, known as the ‘queen of deep cold,’ has always been at the top of the list of popular Karofi water purifiers for many years thanks to its outstanding features:

3 integrated hot, cold, and ambient water modes, with separate hot and cold switches, meeting all usage needs.

Using Block technology for deep cooling, providing ideal cold water temperatures of 8-10 degrees Celsius in summer, and hot water temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius, convenient for making tea, coffee, and cooking noodles without boiling.
Known as the ‘King of Filter Cores’ with 11 powerful Smax filter cores, doubling the capacity and extending the lifespan, eliminating up to 99.99% of dirt, impurities, disease-causing bacteria in water, providing high-quality pure water.

The high-quality Smax filter core system.

The water after passing through the 11 super-fine filter cores ensures clean, pure, and certified bottled drinking water standard water quality, which can be used directly without boiling.

The product provides 30% energy savings for users thanks to multi-layer thermal protection technology, ensuring durable operation and reducing energy costs.

The design of the Karofi KAD-D66 brings perfection and elegance. With harmonious black and white tones and toughened glass protecting the body, the product is eye-catching. Additionally, the machine is equipped with 2 rear wheels for easy movement without much effort.

With outstanding features and exquisite design, the Karofi KAD-D66 water purifier is the perfect choice for homes and offices, providing pure, clean, and safe water for user health. The Karofi KAD-D66 has a powerful filtration capacity, reaching 20 L/H, saving up to 71% of wastewater and maximizing leak prevention, while preventing bacterial recontamination.

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