What is a wall-mounted water purifier? Should I buy one?

What is a wall-mounted water purifier?

wall-mounted water purifier

A wall-mounted water purifier is a water filtration device with a structure similar to conventional standing water purifiers, designed to filter water. However, to suit the wall-mounted position, this device has been designed to be more compact. Nowadays, common wall-mounted water purifier products usually do not generate wastewater and do not require electricity.

The most prominent advantage of using a wall-mounted water purifier is space-saving and easy installation in various convenient locations inside the house. Some models may integrate water storage tanks, facilitating easy storage and supply of clean water. This product is currently mainly used in households, offices, or other small spaces.

Benefits of choosing a wall-mounted water purifier:

  1. Providing clean drinking water: With modern filtration systems, wall-mounted water purifiers remove impurities, viruses, bacteria, and many types of harmful chemicals from the water source. This enables users to drink this clean water directly without the need for further boiling.
  2. Space-saving in living areas: Thanks to its compact design, wall-mounted water purifiers help users save significant living space, optimizing living space for the entire household.
  3. Easy to use and maintain: Wall-mounted water purifiers are designed for easy installation and use. Compared to other types of water purifiers such as under-sink or countertop models, maintenance of wall-mounted purifiers is considered less complex.
  4. Long-term cost optimization: Many people may find purchasing a water purifier to be a considerable expense. However, in the long run, compared to daily purchases of bottled water or water dispenser refills, water purifiers help save costs significantly.
  5. Health protection: Water filtered through a wall-mounted water purifier becomes bacteria-free, free from impurities, and safe for consumption. Therefore, using a water purifier helps protect the health of yourself and your family.

Should you buy a wall-mounted water purifier for use or not?

wall-mounted water purifier

Before deciding whether to use a wall-mounted water purifier, let’s analyze the following factors:

  1. Water quality: If the water source you use for daily activities contains many impurities, bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, algae, iron, etc., then using a water purifier is essential. It will help protect you from health risks such as gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, etc.
  2. Financial budget: Although the cost of purchasing a wall-mounted water purifier may be higher than buying a faucet water filter, water pitcher filter, or other types of water purifiers, considering the long term, the durability and water purification ability of the machine will help you optimize costs.
  3. Water usage needs: If your family has about 4 – 6 people and needs to use a large amount of water daily, having a wall-mounted water purifier may be much more convenient than other types of under-sink or faucet water purifiers.
  4. Installation and maintenance: Before deciding whether to buy a wall-mounted water purifier or not, you need to ensure that you can install and maintain the machine conveniently. If not, you should consider other types of water purifiers.
  5. Utility for living space: With a compact design, wall-mounted water purifiers help optimize living space for the whole family. So if you want to save living space, this is a product you should consider using.
  6. Easy access to water for use: Compared to some traditional water purifier models, using a wall-mounted water purifier may be more convenient. Specifically, you don’t need to bend down but simply put the glass under the water tap to easily get water.

How to install a wall-mounted water purifier:

Before installing the wall-mounted water purifier, prepare tools such as screwdrivers, bolts, hooks, screws, drills, measuring tape, and ruler. To install a wall-mounted water purifier, you can refer to the installation steps below:

Step 1: Choose the installation location: Select a location near the water supply and close to the power source. The installation location must be flat and firm to be able to hang the water purifier securely.

Step 2: Installation: Use a tape measure and measuring tape to determine the installation location, then use a drill to drill holes for the hooks or screws if necessary. Mount the hooks or studs on the wall using bolts and screws. Hang the water purifier on the hooks or studs and ensure it is securely installed. Connect the water supply pipes to the inlet and outlet of the wall-mounted water purifier according to the instructions provided with the product. Connect the power source to the wall-mounted water purifier. Carefully check if the water purifier is leaking or if there are any issues during operation. Step 3: Testing and operation: After installation and thorough checking, observe whether the water purifier operates stably and normally.

If there are any difficulties during the installation of the water purifier, or if you are not confident in the installation process, you can seek the help of a professional technician.

Precautions when installing and using a wall-mounted water purifier:

When installing a wall-mounted water purifier, pay attention to the following issues to ensure the machine operates durable and effectively:

Surveying the machine installation location, water supply location, and power supply location beforehand is essential. It will make the installation and subsequent use more convenient and easy. Inspect the entire water purifier before installation to ensure that the machine is not dented, deformed, and has all the accompanying accessories. Do not let the water supply pipes become entangled or folded as this will disrupt the water supply process and affect the operation of the water purifier. During installation, pay attention to the sequence of the filter cartridges. When the machine is operational, pay attention to the time needed to replace the filter cartridges. Check all screws, connection points wrapped in tape to see if they are tight and sealed to prevent water leakage during purifier operation. Using bottled water certainly discharges a significant amount of plastic waste into the environment. In contrast, water purifiers help produce clean water, which you can store in a container, take with you, or drink immediately. This reduces the amount of plastic waste into the environment.

Overall, whether to buy a wall-mounted water purifier depends on your specific needs, water quality, budget, space, and installation and maintenance capabilities. Therefore, consider the factors mentioned above to make the most suitable decision for yourself and your family.


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