Top water purifiers under $200 worth buying in 2024

Top water purifiers under $200 worth buying in 2024


1. Kangaroo 9-stage Omega KG110 VTU Water Purifier

Kangaroo 9-stage Omega KG110 VTU Water Purifier

To answer the question of which water purifier to buy for around $200, NCL STORE suggests a Kangaroo product, the 9-stage Omega KG110 VTU water purifier. It provides naturally sweet-tasting water, easy to drink with a simple, modern, and convenient design. Equipped with a 9-stage filter made from natural Maifan stone – Omega, it supplements essential minerals for the body like K, Ca, Mg, P.

Key Features:

    • Removes residual chlorine odor and unpleasant odors from water.
    • Prevents rust sediment, dirt, and other impurities in the water.
    • Provides drinkable purified water without the need for boiling through a completely pure filtration system.
    • Supports blood circulation and maintains blood purification to prevent aging.

2. Affordable Karofi KAQ-L08 Water Purifier

Affordable Karofi KAQ-L08 Water Purifier

The powerful water purification capability of the Karofi KAQ-L08 water purifier comes from its advanced 10-stage Smax filter system, including 3 Smax Pro V coarse filters, 6 high-performance HP 6.0 function filters, and 1 100GPD RO quick replacement filter from South Korea.

Key Features:

    • Efficient mineral supplementation and superior purification with a total of 10 high-performance filter stages.
    • Modern design with tempered glass for durability and elegance.
    • Provides essential minerals in water and effective removal of impurities.
    • Incorporates a 100 GPD RO filter, limiting leakage and increasing filtration speed to 20 liters/hour.

3. Budget-friendly Cuckoo CP-YR701UW Water Purifier

Budget-friendly Cuckoo CP-YR701UW Water Purifier

The Cuckoo CP-YR701UW water purifier, manufactured with leading technology and superior features to ensure water quality, could be a suitable choice for around $200. Its built-in UV light effectively kills bacteria, ensuring clean and safe drinking water.

Key Features:

    • Smart with touch-sensitive water tank.
    • Space-saving design when installed.
    • Flow rate of 3L/minute, providing fast and continuous flow.
    • 7.5L capacity storage tank with LED UV light to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria.

4. SUNHOUSE SLIMBIO SHA76214CK-S RO Water Purifier


With a filtration membrane from South Korea and a compact design, the SUNHOUSE SHA76214CK-S water purifier ensures pure, clean water free from harmful substances like heavy metals and bacteria. Its slim design saves space, and the 10-15 liter/hour filtration capacity is suitable for daily use.

Key Features:

    • Produces mineral-rich, pure water with a 9-stage filtration system.
    • Slim design saves space while providing efficient filtration.
    • Includes features like child lock and touch-screen control panel.

5. Karofi KAQ-X16 10-stage RO Water Purifier

Karofi KAQ-X16 10-stage RO Water Purifier

Ensuring pure and safe drinking water for the family, the Karofi KAQ-X16 RO water purifier with its 10-stage filtration system is a notable product in water purification. It removes impurities, bacteria, and harmful compounds, providing clean water for consumption.

Key Features:

    • Convenient for all users with easy-to-use design.
    • Slim design suitable for various spaces, enhancing the elegance of the interior.
    • Meets QCVN 01:2018/BYT standards for direct drinking water.

6. Alkaline Philips ADD8970 RO Water Purifier

Alkaline Philips ADD8970 RO Water Purifier

Noteworthy for its multi-layered filtration configuration and high-quality components, the Philips ADD8970 Alkaline RO water purifier ensures safe and pure drinking water. It utilizes advanced technology to guarantee water quality and purity.

Key Features:

    • Includes a premium RO DOW US filter to remove impurities and bacteria.
    • Smart filter improvement enhances water purity and efficiency.
    • Provides beneficial components for health through the Pro 4 mineral filter.

7. Coex 8-stage Hydrogen WP-7211H Water Purifier (Slim-Pink)

Alkaline Philips ADD8970 RO Water Purifier

Suitable for luxurious spaces with two color options: Blue and Pink, the Coex WP-7211H water purifier features a sleek and classy SLIM design, providing an instant liking from the first look. Its 8-stage advanced filtration ensures mineral supplementation and removal of harmful pollutants.

Key Features:

    • Efficient filtration with 8 advanced stages.
    • Provides Hydrogen-rich water for health benefits.
    • Compact design with high-quality materials for durability and elegance.

Important Criteria When Choosing a Water Purifier Under $200 for Your Home: Let’s review some criteria for selecting a good water purifier product suitable for your family, considering around $200, which water purifier should you buy?

Based on Product Design

For tight spaces, users should choose a compact water purifier design for easy installation to optimize space usage. Especially, the installation space is also of concern as users nowadays pay great attention to the design, color, and style of water purifiers to add modern and luxurious beauty to their homes.

Based on Purpose and Family Usage Needs

If your purpose is solely for drinking, cooking, and brewing, you should choose direct drinking water purifiers. Conversely, if your purpose is for bathing, washing, and other household needs, you should select a whole-house water filtration system with a large capacity. To choose the right type of water purifier, you need to first determine the intended usage of the machine.

To choose a suitable water purifier, you need to consider the number of users and the amount of water used in the family. Avoid choosing a water purifier with too large or too small a capacity to avoid inconvenience during use. However, this also needs to be noted.

Selection Based on the Number of Filter Cores and Filtration Function: With the first 3 – 4 filter cores, dirt and sediment in the water will be thoroughly filtered, however, not all water purifiers with many filter cores guarantee that the filtered water will be cleaner. Specifically:

  • Additional mineral and antibacterial cores after RO: Improving the quality of the output water, balancing the pH level in the water, and creating alkaline water by supplementing mineral ions are the main functions of these cores. However, these cores may vary depending on the manufacturing technology of each water purifier brand.
  • Coarse filter cores: Remove particles larger than 1 micron, absorb some organic matter, heavy metals, sediment, and pesticides. Typically, there are 2 – 3 cores.
  • RO cores: Remove solids, dissolved gases in water, heavy metal ions, and bacteria through the reverse osmosis mechanism. Selection Based on Filtration Technology: Ultra Filtration (UF) water filtration technology: Not suitable for filtering iron water, saline water, and brackish water. Also known as ultrafiltration membranes, they use filter slots ranging in size from 0.1 to 0.01 microns to remove large molecules, bacteria, and heavy metals while retaining some beneficial minerals for the user’s health. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water filtration technology: Produces pure, drinkable water directly without the need for reboiling, is one of the applications of the reverse osmosis mechanism through membranes with super small filter slots (0.0001 – 0.0005 micrometers), helping to remove most solids, heavy metals, and bacteria. Enhancing convenience and versatility in usage are what some water purifier models capable of filtering iron water, saline water, and brackish water provide. At the same time, the output water is ensured to be pure and supplemented with minerals, providing good water for the body, which is why the majority of users often prefer water purifiers using RO technology. Nano water filtration technology: This technology is not suitable for filtering iron water, saline water, and brackish water. However, the water filtered through the machine can be drunk directly without boiling, the machine operates without using electricity, and there is no wastewater. Additionally, this technology retains beneficial minerals for health by completely removing impurities, dust, bacteria, and viruses in the water used with ultra-small filter membranes ranging in size from 0.01 to 0.1 micrometers.

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