Top 5 Best-Selling Water Purifier Products Today

Top 5 Best-Selling Water Purifier Products Today

Nano Geyser Ecotar 4

1. Nano Geyser Ecotar 4

Nano Geyser Ecotar 4

The Nano Geyser Ecotar 4 Water Purifier is the top-selling product among the 5 best-selling water purifier products on the market today. It is a water purifier that utilizes advanced Nano technology, specifically designed for the water sources in Vietnam. The purified water meets international standards for clean water (NSF), ensuring absolute safety for direct consumption.

Imported directly from Russia, the Geyser Ecotar 4 boasts superior features that attract customers:

  • 100% Filtration of Bacteria and Viruses: Utilizes Nano Silver Dual-Action Filtration Technology exclusive to the latest generation of Geyser filter cores, effectively eliminating various types of harmful bacteria and viruses (Rotavirus, Endotoxin, Norovirus, Aerosolized virus, B. Diminuta, etc.).
  • Multi-functional Ecotar Filter Core: Integrates 5 mechanisms into 1 core, equivalent to 5 specialized filter cores, enhancing filtration efficiency and improving the ability to remove harmful substances. This patented filter core technology originates from Russia.
  • Smart Water Purifier: Capable of removing all impurities (pesticides, toxins, dirt, heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, iron, etc.) while retaining natural minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc.), thanks to its Nano filtration technology compared to traditional RO filtration.
  • No Electricity or Wastewater: Overcomes the limitations of RO technology, ensuring water purification without electricity consumption or wastewater production, thus providing superior value in the water filtration industry.

The Geyser Ecotar 4 is favored by customers as it is meticulously researched and designed specifically for the water sources in Vietnam. Therefore, the product not only excels in features but also ensures better water quality and operational efficiency.

With such distinct advantages, it’s no wonder why this product is the number one bestseller today. Additionally, with a price tag of just over 5 million VND, it meets the needs of most customers, offering the best combination of quality and affordability when it comes to water purifiers.

At KingWater, there are times when this product is unavailable due to high demand. Some customers are even willing to place deposits to wait for the product to be imported from Russia.

2. Nano Geyser Ecotar 3 Water Purifier

Nano Geyser Ecotar 3 Water Purifier

The Nano Geyser Ecotar 3 Water Purifier currently holds the second position among the top 5 best-selling water purifier products. It also utilizes advanced Nano filtration technology, which partly confirms the preference of Vietnamese customers for Nano technology-based water purifier products.

As the predecessor of the Geyser Ecotar 4, this product not only possesses the excellent filtration features and operational efficiency of the Geyser Ecotar series but also surpasses other product lines, making it attractive to a majority of customers.

The Geyser Ecotar 3 undergoes thorough sterilization using a vacuum system throughout the machine, with tightly sealed inlet and outlet valves to ensure absolute leak-proofing and prevent bacterial and dirt intrusion. In addition to high-quality components and European standard manufacturing processes, the water purifier undergoes rigorous quality control to deliver the best product to consumers.

The above-mentioned features, along with competitive pricing, contribute to its position as the second best-selling product today.

3. Karofi 2.0 Water Purifier – 9-Stage Filtration

Karofi 2.0 Water Purifier – 9-Stage Filtration

Ranking third is the Karofi 2.0 Water Purifier – a leading brand in Vietnam. Its prominent feature, which places it in the top three best-selling products, is its status as the latest generation of intelligent water purifiers from Karofi, offering a range of smart features for modern, convenient, and safe use.

The purifier uses RO Filmtec membranes imported directly from the DOW-USA group, certified by NSF and recommended for removing 99.99% of heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, and other impurities, ensuring completely pure water.

The Karofi 2.0 Water Purifier integrates a smart control system, providing users with modern features such as:

  • TDS Display: Displays the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) index on the touch screen, allowing users to see the purity level of water and control water quality with each use.
  • Automatic Filter Replacement Alert: Displays detailed remaining time for replacing each filter on the touch screen, allowing users to proactively replace filters and save costs.
  • Automatic RO Membrane Cleaning: Enhances water quality and reduces wastewater by 13%, preventing waste.
  • Automatic Low Water Pressure Alert: Ensures consistent operation and extends the purifier’s lifespan.
  • Water Leak Alert System: Prevents consequences in case of leaks, enhancing product durability.

4. Kangaroo Hydrogen KG100HP Water Purifier

Kangaroo Hydrogen KG100HP Water Purifier

The Kangaroo Hydrogen KG100HP is considered the most modern product in Kangaroo’s lineup, featuring superior functionalities that represent a breakthrough in clean water processing technology in Vietnam.

Equipped with 10 filtration stages, including 6 functional filter cores that separate water molecules, add minerals (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, Fe2+), and produce Hydrogen water, the Kangaroo Hydrogen KG100HP is a revolutionary product. The RO Vortex technology from South Korea reduces wastewater by up to 75%, increases pure water by 69%, and extends the lifespan of both filters and the purifier itself.

What sets this new-generation Hydrogen Kangaroo water purifier apart is its ability to increase mineral content and supply more than 25% Hydrogen compared to previous models. Regular consumption of water rich in Hydrogen with high pH and low ORP helps neutralize strong oxidative agents, free radicals, and reduces diseases caused by free radicals, slowing down the aging process, improving digestive health, among other benefits. Therefore, Hydrogen-rich water is safe and highly beneficial for health.

5. Aosmith AR75-A-S-2 Water Purifier

Aosmith AR75-A-S-2 Water Purifier

The Aosmith AR75-A-S-2 Water Purifier is a premium product from A.O. Smith – a leading water purifier corporation from the USA, renowned worldwide for its 140 years of experience and presence in over 60 countries.

With a filtration capacity of up to 284 liters per day, the Aosmith AR75-A-S-2 meets all household needs for cooking, drinking, and daily use. The purifier utilizes Side Stream RO membrane technology, increasing pure water by 66% and reducing wastewater by 56%, thereby extending the average lifespan of the filter by 1.5 times.

One standout feature unique to Aosmith’s premium water purifiers, including the Aosmith AR75-A-S-2, is the electronic faucet with integrated filter replacement alerts, ensuring consistently pure and safe water.

Moreover, the Aosmith AR75-A-S-2 offers many other features and highlights, including:

  • LED Display for comprehensive information, facilitating easy machine control.
  • New-generation electronic iRO-EMS monitoring system displaying RO filter replacement alerts.
  • Patented U.S. Side Stream RO Filter with a lifespan of up to 3 years.

Despite its compact, modern, and convenient design, this premium water purifier is imported from the USA, so its price is higher than the average for water purifiers on the market today.

These are the top 5 best-selling water purifier products currently available, providing practical suggestions for customers to consider when choosing a health protection device for their family.

However, regardless of the product, the most important thing is to have comprehensive information about it. Therefore, please consider the additional information provided below to find the most suitable water purifier.


Clean water every day is essential for protecting the health of the whole family. So why not choose a water purifier for your family right away! It is hoped that this article has provided valuable information to help customers easily choose a suitable water purifier for their family.

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