Which home water purifier is good? Top 3 best-selling ones

The demand for household water purifiers is increasing rapidly due to several important reasons

  1. Health awareness: Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of drinking clean water for health. Water purifiers help remove impurities, heavy metals, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants from water, ensuring a clean and safe water supply for the entire family.
  2. Increasing water pollution: Due to environmental pollution and poor water management, water quality has deteriorated in many areas, making water purifiers essential devices in households to protect health.
  3. Convenience: Water purifiers provide clean water without the need for boiling, saving time and effort, especially in today’s busy modern life.
  4. Cost savings: Although the initial cost of purchasing a water purifier may be high, in the long run, it helps save costs on buying bottled water and medical expenses due to the impact of contaminated water.
  5. Improved quality of life: Using a water purifier significantly improves the quality of daily life. Filtered water is not only good for health but also enhances the taste of food and beverages.
  6. Product variety: With various types of water purifiers available on the market, consumers can easily choose a product that suits their needs and budget.

These reasons help explain why water purifiers are becoming increasingly popular and are an indispensable part of modern households.

The home water purifier market features several renowned brands, including

  1. Karofi: A Vietnamese brand offering modern RO (reverse osmosis) technology products, meeting the demand for filtering out impurities and bacteria.
  2. Alaska: A reputable Vietnamese brand known for sturdy designs made from premium materials, large filtration capacity, and affordable prices.
  3. Kangaroo: Also a Vietnamese brand, Kangaroo is famous for its water purifiers integrating various technologies, from basic filtration to Hydrogen technology.
  4. A.O. Smith: An American brand renowned for advanced filtration technology and durability.
  5. Coway: Hailing from South Korea, Coway is known for its advanced water filtration technology and modern design.
  6. Panasonic: This Japanese brand provides water filtration solutions with high-end technology and reliability.
  7. Hòa Phát: Another popular Vietnamese brand, Hòa Phát’s water purifiers feature modern designs and reasonable prices.
  8. Sanaky: Sanaky is a well-known brand in the field of electrical appliances in Vietnam.

Each brand has its own advantages, and the choice of the right product depends on the household’s needs and conditions.

Top 3 best-selling home RO water purifiers

According to market statistics, as of April 2024, the top 3 best-selling models of home RO water purifiers are:

  1. Alaska A9ROHC RO Water Purifierones

    • Durable toughened glass cabinet
    • High-grade stainless steel hot and cold water tank
    • High longevity R.O. membrane imported from Dupont, USA
    • High-quality Alkaline and hydrogen filtration cores
    • Advanced RO technology with 10 filtration cores
    • Filtration capacity of 10-15 liters per hour
    • 3 temperature modes: hot, cold, ambient
    • Convenient temperature adjustment knob The Alaska A9ROHC is a premium model that leads in sales. It features antibacterial and anti-recontamination filtration cores and a highly elastic original soft filter cup.
  2. Alaska A9RO RO Water Purifier

    • Durable toughened glass cabinet
    • High-grade stainless steel hot and cold water tank
    • High longevity R.O. membrane imported from Dupont, USA
    • Reverse osmosis technology
    • Advanced RO technology with 9 filtration cores
    • Filtration capacity of 10-15 liters per hour
    • 360-degree rotatable water faucet for convenience The Alaska A9RO offers high quality at a price of less than 5 million VND. It effectively filters impurities, heavy metal ions, disease-causing bacteria, providing immediately usable pure water.
  3. Karofi ERO100 RO Water Purifier

    • Durable toughened glass cabinet
    • 10 SMAX filtration cores technology
    • Rapid replacement 100GPD RO membrane from the USA
    • Mineral-rich, hydrogen-enriched filtration cores

36 months warranty These are the top 3 best-selling home RO water purifiers, offering high-quality filtration and reliability. We hope this information is useful to you!

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