Squid Game: The Challenge contestant claims odd use of condoms on set

Contestants Roland Hannigan (418) and Trey Plutnicki (301) have shared peculiar anecdotes about the use of condoms on the set of Squid Game: The Challenge.

During a podcast, they recounted that the production placed a significant number of condoms in the showers. Hannigan stated, “They were craving for someone to have sex because they made a very big point that we were not tested for STDs. And they made it clear, ‘We’re not going to stop you.'”

squid game the challenge, season 1

In a strange turn of events, Plutnicki mentioned, “The condoms were not used for sex, as far as I know,” and suggested that the lube on the condoms was utilized as chapstick because of the cold conditions during the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ challenge on the set.

Digital Spy has contacted Netflix for a response to these assertions.

squid game the challenge, season 1

Their remarks about the chilly conditions during the filming of the initial challenge align with what other contestants have previously claimed, and some have even sought legal representation to address their concerns with the producers.

In November, a spokesperson for the show stated that “no lawsuit has been filed,” while a previous statement emphasized, “Netflix, Studio Lambert, and The Garden consider contributor care as one of their highest priorities, and regular toilet breaks, water, and food are categorically standard practice on production.”

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