Should I buy a hot and cold water purifier? Top 3 quality products

What is a hot and cold water purifier?

Hot and cold water purifiers offer the convenience of filtered water while also providing the option to heat or cool it. But is investing in such a 2-in-1 appliance worth it? Let’s delve into the pros and cons to help you decide.

Advantages of Hot and Cold Water Purifiers:

  1. Convenience:
    • Ensures clean and healthy drinking water by effectively filtering it.
    • Allows for immediate access to hot or cold water, eliminating the need for a separate water heater or refrigerator.
    • Offers instant hot and cold water, saving time and eliminating the wait.
  2. Elegance and Sophistication:
    • Often boasts a modern and sleek design, adding a touch of elegance to any space.
    • Neutral color schemes contribute to a sophisticated ambiance.
    • Shiny exteriors are easy to maintain and keep clean.
  3. Cost and Space Saving:
    • Combines the functions of a water purifier and hot/cold water dispenser into a single unit, saving both money and space.
    • Reduces expenses on multiple appliances, electricity consumption, and the space required to accommodate them.


  1. Size:
    • Hot and cold water purifiers tend to be bulky, making them suitable only for larger areas.
  2. Cost and Maintenance:
    • Typically more expensive than conventional water purifiers, with higher electricity consumption and maintenance costs.
    • Often equipped with fewer filtration cores compared to conventional RO purifiers, potentially compromising water quality if used with heavily contaminated water sources.

Should You Buy a Hot and Cold Water Purifier?

Considering the above factors, investing in a hot and cold water purifier makes sense if:

  • You have a frequent need for hot and cold water, especially in households with frequent guests or young children.
  • You have ample space to accommodate the appliance.
  • Your water source is relatively clean and not heavily contaminated.

Top 3 Popular Hot and Cold Water Purifiers:

1. Sunhouse SHA76213CK-S 10-Core RO Hot and Cold Water Purifier:

Sunhouse SHA76213CK-S 10-Core

    • Sleek design with a slim profile, suitable for any interior.
    • 10-core filtration system ensures high-quality water output.
    • Rapid cooling with Block technology.
    • Separate hot/cold switches for energy-efficient operation.

2. Hyundai HW-110 Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier:

Hyundai HW-110

    • Originating from South Korea, known for quality.
    • 5-core filtration system with high filtration efficiency.
    • Convenient hot/cold water modes.
    • Equipped with a safety lock, ideal for households with children.

3. Kangaroo KG50W02 Hot and Cold RO Water Purifier:

    • Compact design, suitable for smaller spaces.
    • Superior filtration efficiency with RO technology.
    • Efficient cooling with Block technology.
    • Durable construction using high-quality plastic, ensuring safety and longevity.


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