Should I buy a non-electric water purifier?

Should I buy a non-electric water purifier?

1. What is a non-electric water purifier?

A non-electric water purifier, also known as a gravity water filter, is a type of device that employs a simple filtration mechanism. It typically consists of a ceramic cylinder, a filter core made of activated carbon or other materials like stones, gravel, and a reservoir for clean water. Users can easily access water by simply turning a tap. Moreover, the cost of such a product is relatively low, ranging from $20 to $70 USD. Therefore, it effectively filters out visible impurities. This device operates without electricity, making it extremely convenient for households in areas prone to power outages.

2. Limitations of using non-electric water purifiers

Non-electric water purifiers utilize activated carbon filter cores; however, these cores cannot entirely eliminate harmful bacteria, microorganisms, and other contaminants present in the water like electric water purifiers can. Additionally, there’s a risk of contamination with fluoride and arsenic after filtration. Consequently, these purifiers cannot guarantee completely clean water, potentially posing health risks to households. Furthermore, the lifespan of the activated carbon filter core depends on its structure, requiring regular replacements. Accumulated dirt on the filter core diminishes its filtering efficiency, jeopardizing the consistent supply of clean water.

3. Efficient electric water purifiers

It’s undeniable that non-electric water purifiers offer users satisfactory user experiences. Nevertheless, they come with several limitations. Hence, the market offers various types of electric water purifiers with competitive prices, featuring advanced processing technologies.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifiers:

  • RO water purifiers utilize modern RO technology with ultra-thin filtration membranes containing extremely small pores, effectively removing various impurities and harmful bacteria compared to traditional water purifiers.
  • They can purify different water sources such as rainwater, tap water, well water, etc.
  • With advanced filtration technology, these devices can eliminate up to 99.99% of viruses, harmful bacteria, sediments, amoeba, arsenic, and other toxins present in the water, ensuring the health of household members and preventing diseases.
  • By using this product, you save time and money as you don’t need to purchase drinking water from outside sources, resulting in reduced monthly living costs.

Alkaline Ion Water Purifiers:


  • Alkaline ion water purifiers employ electrolysis technology to produce pure water and alkaline ion water rich in hydrogen, ensuring the utmost cleanliness of the filtered water.
  • These products operate on the principle of electrolysis, separating water molecules into two beneficial ions: H+ and OH-. Moreover, they preserve natural minerals, providing users with peace of mind.
  • Additionally, alkaline ion water purifiers come with various prominent features such as smartphone control, automatic cleaning, convenient touch screens, etc.

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