Neighbours’ Mackenzie Hargreaves to flee after love triangle drama

Neighbours’ Mackenzie Hargreaves will abruptly depart from Erinsborough in the show’s Christmas episodes.

Mackenzie decides that she needs some time away from her friends in the wake of her messy love triangle with Haz Devkar and Holly Hoyland.

Show bosses have previously revealed that Mackenzie and Holly’s tensions spiral out of control in the show’s Christmas Day edition, leading to a near-fatal accident.

In the aftermath, Holly vows never to forgive Mackenzie over recent events and tells Haz that she wants either him or Mack to move out of the share house.mackenzie hargreaves and holly hoyland in neighboursmackenzie hargreaves and holly hoyland in neighbours

Haz feels awkward after Holly’s ultimatum, avoiding a direct response. Unaware of what’s being discussed behind her back, Mackenzie still hopes to visit Holly and make amends.

Later, Haz steps in and tells Mackenzie that Holly wants them to live apart.

Mackenzie is hurt to realize that Haz didn’t defend her or push back against Holly’s unreasonable demands.

mackenzie hargreaves, haz devkar and holly hoyland in neighbours

Reaching a breaking point over the ongoing issues, Mackenzie vows to get some space and books a flight to visit her dad.

This leaves behind further uncertainty for the once-solid friendship group. How long will it be before Mackenzie returns — and will she stand any chance of reconnecting with Haz and Holly when she does?

Neighbours releases this episode on Wednesday, December 27 at 7 am on the free streaming service Amazon Freevee.

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