Neighbours hints at new romance storyline for Leo Tanaka

Neighbours has teased a potential new storyline for Leo Tanaka, suggesting that romance might be on the horizon. Leo has been growing closer to Krista Sinclair, providing support as she recovers from drug addiction. In upcoming scenes on Thursday, December 28, Leo will confront his emotions as Krista faces the possibility of being extradited to the UK.

krista sinclair and leo tanaka in neighbours

In a sincere conversation, Krista opens up about her fears regarding the future, contemplating whether to defend herself considering the prominence of her affluent family.

Leo shares his perspective on the matter, and Krista expresses gratitude for his attentive listening, deepening their connection.

However, their developing closeness raises concerns for David, who has been aiding Krista in her recovery as her sober companion. Leo’s complimentary remarks about Krista in David’s presence trigger a noticeable shift in his twin brother’s demeanor, prompting David to caution Leo that Krista may not be prepared for a romantic involvement.

aaron brennan and david tanaka in neighbours

Leo dismisses David’s advice, but privately senses an attraction growing towards Krista. Will he choose to heed his brother’s counsel or follow his heart?

Meanwhile, in another part of the soap, there may be challenges ahead for Terese Willis and Toadie Rebecchi. Terese, played by Rebekah Elmaloglou, hints at potential complications with the arrival of Toadie’s ex-wife, Melanie Pearson.

“At this point, [Terese] feels that she and Toadie are quite stable, and there’s no worry about having Melanie back,” she explained. “There’s a good heart there, and Melanie needs good care as she doesn’t have anyone at the moment.”

“However, that doesn’t last very long. I think [Terese] questions herself and regrets it very, very quickly,” she added.

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