Home and Away spoiler: Leah makes her escape

Leah fights for her and Justin’s lives as she pulls herself up the rusted ladders in the abandoned factory. Reaching the top, she shouts a promise down to her new fiancé, explaining that she’s getting help and will return for him.

Outside, Leah realizes she’s in the middle of nowhere. Pushed to her physical and mental limits, she begins to hallucinate. Ultimately, a vision of Justin motivates her to keep going, but the real Justin lies lifeless on the factory floor, and time is running out. Will Leah and Justin survive?

Meanwhile, Irene is angry after being arrested by Rose. She questions why Rose had to do it in front of everyone at her place of work. John desperately searches for Cash, determined to help his friend.

Harper is also arrested. Dana protests to Rose that the arrests are unjust, and she believes Rose knows it. Under questioning, Irene also stands up for herself.

In the waiting room, John places blame on Harper and Dana, expressing that Irene wouldn’t have been involved if it weren’t for the two of them. When Dana faces Irene, she is met with compassion. Irene points out that she entered into this with her eyes wide open and doesn’t regret it for a minute.

Rose delivers further bad news for Harper and Irene – the magistrate can’t see them until the morning, meaning they have to stay at the station overnight.

Elsewhere, Remi is nowhere to be seen following Kirby’s change of heart over the future of Lyrik. Eden points out that there may not be a Lyrik at all if Kirby can’t get out of her solo contract with Forrest. Later, Kirby receives bad news on that front – the label is giving her time to rethink her decision, but their position won’t change – they’re not budging on the contract.

irene roberts in home and away

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