General Hospital adds to record-setting Outstanding Drama Series win total

As the television landscape evolves, with more people opting for platforms other than traditional TV, the definition of a daytime drama series is also undergoing changes. This year, the Emmy-winning series, The Bay, made a notable shift by joining the “Category 1” lineup of Outstanding Daytime Drama Series nominees. Previously considered a digital series, The Bay adjusted its episode structure, enabling it to compete alongside the four “traditional” soap operas.

Nội dung chú thích ảnh

Changes extend beyond the top honor. Children’s programming categories have been separated into their own Children and Family Emmys competition. Further adjustments impact behind-the-scenes categories, such as lighting and set design, now open to all daytime programs, including those on major streaming platforms.

At the close of Emmy Night, General Hospital achieved a record-breaking 16th Outstanding Daytime Drama Series crown, surpassing its previous record of 15 wins set last year. The show has secured the top honor for the past three years.

Frank Valentini, the executive producer of General Hospital, accepted the award. Despite his reputation for not enjoying public speaking, Valentini seamlessly took a moment to promote the show’s upcoming 60th-anniversary primetime special on ABC. He expressed gratitude to the show’s crew and dedicated the award to the late Sonya Eddy and GH producer Nneka Garland, both of whom passed away in the last year. Fans on social media acknowledged the losses, including actors Jackie Zeman and Billy Miller.

Valentini disclosed that ABC executive Nathan Varni has returned to oversee General Hospital. Later on X (formerly Twitter), an enthusiastic Varni pledged to win back fans who may have stopped tuning in daily. He wrote, “Congrats to the hardest working crew, producers, and talent. It’s a pleasure to be back with my #gh family. To our fans, thank you for sticking with us! My 2024 goal is to win back our lapsed viewers; we have a lot of work to do, but we’re all ready to work hard for YOU!”

Valentini reflected later in the evening, saying, “When I came into this family 12 years ago, we weren’t sure whether the show was going to make it, but we dug deep, and we got to our 50th and 55th [anniversaries], and now we’re at 60.”

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