Emmerdale Star Katie Hill Advocates for a Transformation in Sarah Sugden’s Character

Emmerdale actress Katie Hill, who has portrayed the character Sarah Sugden since 2017 and has been actively involved in numerous storylines as a member of the Dingle family, is advocating for a new professional direction for her on-screen persona.

In a recent interview with Inside Soap, Katie highlighted that Sarah has recently completed her A Levels, prompting her to believe that it’s time for the character to mature and contemplate her future, particularly in terms of a career. Expressing her thoughts on the matter, Katie suggested a compelling idea for Sarah’s next venture.

She remarked, “It would be beneficial for her to work in the garage alongside Cain, as that mirrors the path her mother, Debbie, took for several years.” This potential storyline shift would not only add depth to Sarah’s character but also provide continuity within the Dingle family narrative.

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Delving further into her aspirations for her character, Katie Hill envisions a storyline that involves Sarah Sugden following in her mother’s footsteps, donning overalls, and working alongside Jeff Hordley, who portrays Cain. Enthusiastically, she expressed, “It would be like following in her footsteps, and I’d like to wear the overalls and work with Jeff Hordley [who plays Cain].”

However, Katie also acknowledges the allure of an alternative setting, hinting at the possibility of Sarah exploring a career in the salon. She mused, “But working in the salon would also be so much fun because Daisy Campbell, who plays Amelia, is one of my best friends.”

When probed about her dream storyline for Sarah, Katie revealed a desire to engage in a narrative that not only entertains but also serves as a platform for addressing real-life issues. Drawing from her past experiences, where she has actively participated in storylines with a social impact, Katie expressed her eagerness to contribute to awareness campaigns through her character’s journey.

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Reflecting on her experiences, Katie Hill emphasized the valuable opportunities such storylines offer actors. She remarked, “It’s always a good opportunity for an actor.” Recollecting her initial days on the show, she recalled the challenging yet impactful narratives she was involved in, including the cancer and heart transplant story arcs. In those instances, she had the support of Charley Webb, who portrays Debbie and has been a remarkable co-star.

Elaborating on the challenges, Katie acknowledged, “Obviously, I had Charley Webb [who plays Debbie] by my side, and she’s amazing, but it was hard.” Despite the difficulties, she expressed a sense of fulfillment in portraying stories that bring awareness to real-life situations. “I was doing something that was bringing awareness to the situation and that people go through in real life. I hope we did it justice,” she concluded, highlighting the responsibility and commitment the cast felt in addressing sensitive and impactful issues.

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