EastEnders: The Six’s perilous secret faces an unexpected threat

EastEnders has hinted at Rocky Cotton being on the verge of uncovering The Six’s perilous secret.

On Christmas Day (December 25), Linda Carter fatally attacked Keanu Taylor while he attempted to strangle Sharon Watts — all while Nish Panesar lay close to death in the front room of the Vic after Denise Fox struck him with a bottle.

The Six — consisting of Linda, Sharon, Denise, Stacey Slater, Kathy Cotton, and Suki Kaur Panesar — subsequently made a pact to conceal Keanu’s demise, discreetly relocating his body beneath the floorboards of Kathy’s Café

brian conley as rocky cotton in eastenders

While the six women believed they had gone unnoticed, a intoxicated Rocky Cotton spotted Sharon in her wedding dress outside the café shortly after Keanu’s body had been relocated.

In the episode airing on Wednesday (December 27), each member of The Six provided statements to the police to incriminate Keanu in Nish’s assault. They asserted that immediately after Keanu attacked Nish, he fled the Square.

Tension arose within the group once they had all deceived the police, with Kathy refusing to share a cab back to Walford with the other women.

“I’ll find my own way back,” she insisted as she distanced herself from the rest.

balvinder sopal as suki kaur panesar in eastenders

During Suki’s interrogation, she was taken aback when the detective inquired about her involvement with Eve and whether it played a role in the altercation at the Vic.

“It was unrelated. None of this is even relevant,” Suki asserted to the detective.

Later, Suki confessed, “It’s not an affair, and my husband already knew. Eve and I are in love.”

She clandestinely met with Eve at the Minute Mart, disclosing that her relationship with Eve had been exposed to the police, and she was now considered a suspect in Nish’s assault.

eastenders, linda carter and sharon watts

Back in Walford, a now sober Rocky stood outside the charred remains of the café, attempting to reconstruct his memories from the previous night. He later visited Kathy at her home, pledging to do anything to “assist” in catching Keanu.

The police eventually gathered The Six at the Vic, where the detective acknowledged they were now aware that Sharon had not disclosed Keanu’s paternity revelation.

To protect the group, Sharon informed the police that she had intended to be the one to share the paternity information since it was a private matter. The detective cautioned The Six to disclose any and all information about Keanu’s possible whereabouts.

Leaving The Vic, Kathy was unsettled, only to be confronted by Rocky, who revealed he now remembered everything after seeing Sharon pass by the café earlier.

“I saw Sharon… I think she must be aiding Keanu. She was standing outside the café in her wedding dress,” Rocky informed a panicked Kathy, adding, “I believe she’s hiding something in there!”

brian conley as rocky cotton and gillian taylforth as kathy beale in eastenders

Rocky vowed to “uncover” Sharon’s activities, leaving Kathy horrified at the prospect that he might stumble upon Keanu’s lifeless body. Will The Six’s perilous secret be brought to light?

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