EastEnders airs shock Mick Carter twist for Linda

In a surprising turn of events, EastEnders unveiled a shocking twist involving Mick Carter.

Recalling events from last Christmas, Mick was believed to have perished when he plunged into the sea to rescue his wife Linda during their confrontation with Janine Butcher.

Over the past year, Linda has faced considerable challenges in trying to rebuild her life. Recently, she suffered a relapse in her battle with alcoholism, triggered by the taunts of Mick’s brother (and Linda’s assailant) Dean Wicks.

eastenders kellie bright as linda carter

Thursday’s (December 21) episode of EastEnders primarily focused on Linda providing support to her best friend Sharon as she prepared for her Christmas wedding to Keanu Taylor.

Initially, Sharon contemplated canceling the wedding after her dress was ruined by Harvey Monroe’s taxi. However, Linda offered supportive advice, suggesting Kathy’s wedding dress as an alternative. Sharon ultimately agreed to proceed with the ceremony.

Back at the Vic, Linda tried to conceal her emotions when her mother, Elaine, had a drink in front of her. Just moments after Linda reassured her mother, she received a stunning text message.

The text, supposedly from her missing husband Mick, read: “L, I can’t talk but I need to see you. I’m sorry I couldn’t do this until now. I’ll explain everything. Mick x”

Linda was left astonished by the possibility of her beloved Mick still being alive. However, Kellie Bright, the EastEnders star portraying Linda, has already disclosed that the message is not genuine.

kellie bright as linda carter in eastenders

“When Linda arrives to meet Mick, it’s not him, is it? It’s Dean,” she told Digital Spy.

“There is a moment between the two of them, and actually what Linda thinks is going to be the outcome of that conversation is not what the outcome of that conversation is. Let’s just say it leaves her not in the place where she wants to be.”

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