Discover the Top 5 Water Purifier Options for Your Family

5 best water purifier options for your family.

  1. Kitchen Water Purifier

The kitchen demands ample water usage, making a kitchen water purifier essential. Opt for the Kitchen Water Purifier LS315AR, boasting a four-stage filtration system. With a blend of PP Fiber, activated carbon, 70 gallons RO membrane filter, and post carbon filter, it ensures exceptional water purification. Plus, its aesthetic design adds a decorative touch to your kitchen.

2. UF Water Purifier

UF Water Purifier
UF Water Purifier

UF (Ultra-Filtration) technology operates sans electricity, effectively removing suspended solids, larger particles, and molecules from water. Ideal for homes facing moderate dissolved pollutants and high microbiological contamination, UF water purifiers like the Lesso UF water purifier LS319U offer a five-step filtration process. Featuring PP fiber, Nano ceramic cartridge, softening resin filter, ultra-filtration membrane filter, and post carbon filter, it guarantees thorough water purification.

3. Counter Top Water Purifier

Counter Top Water Purifier
Counter Top Water Purifier

Counter top filters, whether connected to your faucet or standalone gravity-fed units, are space-efficient and offer hassle-free maintenance. During emergencies or power outages, gravity-fed filters ensure continuous water purification. The Lesso Counter Top Water Purifier LS307T boasts a three-stage purification process with an activated carbon composite filter, Nanocrystalline ceramic filter, and activated carbon, delivering pure water with ease.

4. Pipeline Water Dispenser

Pipeline Water Dispenser
Pipeline Water Dispenser

Perfect for both home and office use, pipeline water dispensers undergo multiple filtration steps, incorporating technologies like reverse osmosis, UF filtration, and UV purification. Additionally, they offer water heating functionalities for added convenience. The Lesso Pipeline Water Dispenser LS450G-D/LS450G-N provides robust water purification capabilities, with LS450G-D featuring a rapid heating system and LS450G-N being a heating tank type. Developed with energy-saving technology, they ensure eco-friendly operation while guaranteeing high-quality drinking water.

5. Water Softener

Water Softener
Water Softener

Hard water, common in areas with aging plumbing systems, poses various challenges. Combat this issue with a water softener like the Lesso water softener LS335-2T. By filtering out Ca+ and Mg+ ions through ion exchange resin, it effectively reduces water hardness, improving water quality for consumption and domestic use. Reliable and efficient, it’s a valuable addition to any household seeking better water quality.


Drinking eight glasses of water a day may help you keep the doctor away. But water from the tap may contain heavy metals, dirt and other pollutes. Water filters make the easy and crucial act of staying hydrated safer.

It is recommended to purchase water purifiers according to your need. Although purify water filter isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it may eliminate harmful toxins and help you enjoy pure water. Choose Lesso and find your best water filter!

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