Courteney Cox show Shining Vale cancelled

Courteney Cox’s comedy-horror-satire series “Shining Vale” has been canceled after two seasons and sixteen episodes. Despite positive reviews for the Friends star’s TV comeback, a network representative for Starz confirmed the decision not to renew the show for a third season in a statement to TVLine.

The statement cited the difficult decision due to the show not finding a large enough audience, stating, “Unfortunately, Shining Vale did not find a large enough audience for us to continue, but we hope to have the opportunity to partner with Courteney Cox, Jeff Astrof, and Sharon Horgan in the future.”

According to Variety, both Season 1 and Season 2 of “Shining Vale” will be removed from streaming service Starz’s on-demand library by the end of 2023.

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In a separate statement to the publication, the co-creator of the show, Jeff Astrof, expressed his disappointment and revealed that he had hopes for a third season, having made progress in writing it.

“Given all the real heart-breaking news going on in the world right now, it would be inappropriate for me to say I’m heartbroken about Starz not picking up ‘Shining Vale’ for a Season 3. However, I have no problem saying I am crushed and deeply saddened by the news. For the actors, it has been a year since we wrapped, but I have been working on writing Season 3 up until I heard the news last week.”

He concluded the statement by stating: “Okay, maybe I am heartbroken — dammit! Of course, I’m hoping another streamer picks the show up as we still have lots of story to tell — and Season 3 has already been partially written. In any case, I am beyond grateful to have been able to tell the saga of the Phelps for the past two seasons.”

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Shining Vale centered around Cox’s character, Patricia “Pat” Phelps, and her family as they relocate to a small town following a scandal in an attempt to salvage her marriage to Terry (Greg Kinnear).

Upon their arrival, Pat becomes the only one who perceives that something is amiss with their home, leading her to believe she is either depressed or possessed.

As the show unfolds, the dysfunctional family unit faces escalating challenges, with the supernatural entities haunting their house and affecting their relationships becoming increasingly tangible.

Season two of Shining Vale premiered in October 2023.

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