Coronation Street spoiler: The Baileys are left devastated

Desperate to escape his troubles and Tony’s threats, Ed covertly packs a bag and informs Aggie that he’s planning to spend Christmas with her in Birmingham.

As Ed opens the front door, he unexpectedly encounters Tony, who forcefully barges into the house.

When Ed’s phone rings with a call from Aggie, Tony menaces to disclose everything. Ed attempts to grab the phone, but Tony responds with a punch, knocking him to the floor.

At the Bistro, Michael proudly displays the watch he purchased for Ed for Christmas, engraved with the words ‘For the World’s Best Dad. Our Hero’. Ronnie believes it’s the perfect gift.

The Baileys return home to find Ed nursing a cut lip and all the presents missing. Dee-Dee calls the police, and Craig goes over the burglary details with Ed, who admits he forgot to lock the back door.

daisy midgeley in coronation street

Meanwhile, Peter shares that he has a support group meeting later, prompting Carla to offer her company. At the support group, Peter confesses that he’s lost all interest in life, and each day feels like a burden. Carla is deeply concerned and saddened by the extent of his despair.

Michael visits the factory to find Carla engrossed in her laptop. When Carla reveals the Christmas present she bought for Peter, Michael is astonished.

Elsewhere, Roy confides in Cassie that he has found Evelyn’s Christmas present. Cassie insists on joining him for the shopping trip, but when the Woody won’t start, she comes up with a plan.

In another storyline, Jenny and Daisy inform Dee-Dee that they’re heading to the bank to secure a loan for buying the Rovers. Back at The Kabin, they share the news with Brian and Mary that the bank has approved the loan, and they will soon own the pub. Jenny tells Daisy that Waterfords received another offer on the pub, so they need to submit a sealed bid.

Finally, as Paul and Gemma head to No.5, Paul’s wheelchair breaks down on the street. Gemma and Paul eventually reach the concert in Victoria Garden, only to find it has ended. Despite Gemma’s disappointment, with some persuasion from Glenda, Joseph agrees to give an encore. Chesney visits the flower shop flat for Joseph and the quads. Gemma is disheartened, wishing they could stay longer.

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