Coronation Street spoiler: Peter receives a Christmas Day shock

Christmas Day becomes a family gathering for the residents of Coronation Street, as the finest individuals of Weatherfield convene at their respective homes to reflect on the past 12 months and anticipate the future.

Tracy is displeased to discover she’s cooking for ten at the Barlows, and a jest about relationship gap years sparks tension between her and Steve.

carla, peter, coronation street

While searching for a bottle of wine at the flower shop, Tracy ends up assisting Tommy Orpington, who seizes a last-minute opportunity to buy a gift for his mom.

Peter surprises Carla with a beautiful present—a silver bracelet inscribed with ‘P loves C.’ However, he is taken aback when she reveals her gift for him.

In the builder’s yard flat, Paul and Billy anticipate a tranquil Christmas Day with a film and a bottle of fizz. Concern arises when Gemma and Chesney cannot reach Paul.

Worried that Paul might have encountered trouble, Chesney and Todd break down the door and discover more than they expected. Meanwhile, at Chesney and Gemma’s place, Bernie video calls the family from prison, and they sing ‘Away in a Manger’ together.

At No.3, Ed watches guiltily as the family unwraps the few modest presents they managed to salvage. His guilt deepens when he unwraps a watch inscribed with ‘For the World’s Best Dad. Our Hero.’ Alya visits and invites them to join her family at Speed Daal for Christmas lunch.

In the café, a slightly intoxicated Evelyn and Mary assist Roy in preparing the Christmas dinner. Evelyn opens her present from Roy and is genuinely moved by what he bought for her.

In the bistro, the Platts and the Websters take their seats and peruse the menu.

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