Controversial Joker movie lands US release date

The controversial film “The People’s Joker” has secured a US release date after being withdrawn from a film festival.

This movie, a parody featuring various characters from the Batman universe, centers around a transgender female version of the Joker, the most notorious adversary of Bruce Wayne.

Originally screened at the Toronto International Film Festival, further showings were canceled by filmmaker and star Vera Drew due to copyright issues with the source material.

Film distributor Altered Innocence has now acquired the film, revealing that “The People’s Joker” is set to be released on April 5.

vera drew dressed as the people's joker, denver film festival

The rights to the Batman universe and its characters are under the ownership of Warner Bros. Discovery, the parent company of DC Comics.

While Warner Bros. has not publicly commented on “The People’s Joker,” a disclaimer appearing before the movie states: “This film is a parody and is at present time completely unauthorized by DC Comics, Warner Brothers or anyone claiming ownership of the trademarks therein (e.g., ‘Joker,’ ‘Batman,’ etc.).”

In this film, described as an “absurdist semi-autobiographical dark comedy,” Drew’s Joker navigates her gender identity struggles while attempting, unsuccessfully, to join Gotham City’s only comedy program in a world where comedy has been outlawed (via Variety).

vera drew

“Vera Drew has taken her own life experiences and traumas to craft an entirely new genre of cinema that blurs the lines between documentary, coming-of-age film, and parody,” said Frank Jaffe, the founder of distributor Altered Innocence.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to champion this bold, intelligent, and hilarious piece of queer cinema that audiences around the globe have fallen in love with.”

In a similar statement, Drew said: “This movie started as a D.I.Y. community project for queer artists, and I made it with my friends to process what it was like coming out as a trans woman working in the film and TV industry.

“It has been a long road freeing The People’s Joker and finding a release plan that rings true to the queer, anarchist spirit we had while making it. What better home than among Altered Innocence’s catalogue of gorgeously gay and deliciously edgy films.”

The film has no association with the recent Joker film starring Joaquin Phoenix and its upcoming sequel Joker: Folie à Deux, which is set to see Lady Gaga take up the mantle of Harley Quinn.

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