Anyone But You confirms fresh Rotten Tomatoes rating after first reviews

The highly anticipated romantic comedy “Anyone But You” has received its initial, varied reviews ahead of its general release.

Centered around an enemies-to-lovers storyline featuring Sydney Sweeney from Euphoria and Glen Powell from Top Gun: Maverick, the film is directed by Will Gluck (known for Easy A). It follows the two main characters as they pretend to be a couple at a wedding.

Despite the positive initial reactions earlier this month, the movie currently holds a critic rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, with the chemistry between the two leads being a subject of disagreement among reviewers.

glen powell and sydney sweeney, anyone but you

Let’s explore the critics’ perspectives on “Anyone But You” and its attempt to infuse new life into the romantic genre.

Vanity Fair:

In time, Powell’s overconfident demeanor becomes more annoying than charming. Sweeney’s line delivery often feels oddly flat, as if she’s drowsy or distracted. The plot mechanics contribute to the film’s noise, overshadowing the dialogue.

Slant Magazine:

The film neglects to construct a captivating world around its charming protagonists.

AV Club:

Nobody expects realism from a movie like “Anyone But You,” nor should they. The film is crafted as enjoyable escapism, and it succeeds in that regard.

Chicago Sun-Times:

The characters portrayed by Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) and Glen Powell (Top Gun: Maverick) are somewhat unlikable for a significant portion of the film, and the chemistry between these two attractive actors, at best, earns a C+.


In many aspects, the film is as formulaic as many rom-coms from the ’90s and early 2000s, but it brings a lively and invigorating quality in how it captures the anti-romanticism of the Tinder-meets-MeToo generation.

a man and a woman walking


“Anyone But You” refuses to deceive itself or its audience about its true intentions. This honesty may be sufficient to persuade many viewers who appreciate its authenticity and the acknowledgment that we still desire movies of this nature.

The Guardian:

Director Will Gluck struggles to elevate his leads beyond the status of swimwear models. Centering a romantic comedy around them is likened to watching a child trying to make two dolls kiss.

The Hollywood Reporter:

Neither authentic screen chemistry nor genuine laughs can be fabricated, especially with the pedestrian writing in Will Gluck’s “Anyone But You,” which fails to revive the stagnant studio rom-com.

This film possesses the charm, wit, swoony romance, and, most importantly, star chemistry that has been noticeably absent from recent lackluster entries in the genre.


Sweeney and Powell shine in this loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing,” delivering delightful performances. It stands out as one of the most charming big-screen rom-coms in years.

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