Neighbours star Mischa Barton reveals sister twist in Reece Sinclair story

Neighbours star Mischa Barton has unveiled an upcoming plot twist in the storyline of the new character, Reece Sinclair, in Erinsborough.

Reece, an American businesswoman, entered Ramsay Street under mysterious circumstances, becoming the latest investor in Lassiters Hotel. Despite her brief time in the soap’s revival on Amazon Freevee, she has already clashed with the villain Paul Robinson and had a fling with the hotel porter Byron.

In an interview with Inside Soap magazine, Mischa Barton shared another layer to Reece’s story, focusing on her character’s sibling.

“We find out that she’s really in Australia because of her sister, and there’s a lot going on there,” Barton revealed. “She’s not been completely honest.”

alan fletcher, mischa barton and jackie woodburne on set at neighbours

Elsewhere in the interview, when asked whether her character had come to Erinsborough for business or pleasure, Barton shared with the publication: “A bit of both.

“She’s never really had a chance to take a break from work and distance herself from her family; she’s never had the opportunity to live a normal life without being under her father’s strict guidance.”

Barton added that despite the upcoming turmoil involving Reece’s sister, leisure time is initially in the plans.

“She wants to have some fun and actually relax, which is when she realizes that she’s not been doing what she’s supposed to be doing!” she explained.byron stone and reece in neighbours

Sinclair’s entrance into the recently revived soap was veiled in mystery, and in the first two episodes of the return to Ramsay Street, Reece asserted that her surname was ‘Peters.’

However, it quickly became evident that she had been hiding her true identity when Byron noticed her name on paperwork in her hotel room.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy earlier about the direction of her storyline, Mischa disclosed, “Reece is definitely going to get involved in the business side of things. That’s going to make some people happy and some people not.”

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