Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk to drop bombshell on Marlon Dingle in 2024 scenes

Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk has significant news to share with her husband Marlon Dingle, and it has the potential to strain their family in the upcoming year.

The duo experienced an unconventional Christmas, to say the least, as Rhona’s ex-husband Gus Malcolms joined them for the festivities. Gus is grappling with the recent loss of his wife Lucy, who passed away after giving birth to their daughter Ivy. Notably, Ivy was conceived using Rhona’s frozen embryo without her consent.

Despite moments of frustration between Marlon and Gus, Christmas Day unfolded mostly smoothly, and they enjoyed the holiday alongside Rhona’s mother Mary and her children April and Leo.

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In the scenes set to air on Monday, January 1, Rhona and Marlon spend time caring for baby Ivy together while Gus is away.

Earlier in the year, when Rhona was contemplating whether to allow Gus and Lucy to use her embryos, Marlon cautioned her that she might become emotionally attached to her biological child.

Later on, Rhona confirms her husband’s concerns by admitting to him that she has indeed developed an attachment to Ivy as if she were her own baby.

The complex situation has become more intricate since Lucy’s passing, leaving Ivy without a maternal figure in her life. Rhona implores Marlon to assist in making this situation work within the family.

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But what actions will Marlon take? Will he be able to support his wife in fulfilling her desperate desire, or will this unexpected pregnancy revelation create challenges for the couple?

Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw had previously disclosed that Rhona’s journey is poised to become even more challenging in 2024. She stated, “In the new year, we’ll see Rhona pushed to breaking point – she’s forced to make a risky decision that threatens to affect her whole family and possibly change the dynamics of their family,” in an interview with Digital Spy and other media outlets. “As she’s pushed to the extreme, can she be talked round, or is she going to lose everything in the quest to help baby Ivy?”

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