Top 5 best bacteria-killing water purifiers for families.

Top 5 best bacteria-killing water purifiers for families.

1. A.O.Smith AR75-A-S-1E Water Purifier

A.O.Smith AR75-A-S-1E Water Purifier

The A.O.Smith AR75-A-S-1E Water Purifier operates with a filtration capacity of up to 284L/day, meeting all the cooking, drinking, and household needs of families. Utilizing RO – Side Stream membrane filtration technology, it increases clean water output by 66%, eliminating bacteria and viruses, and reducing wastewater by 56%. This extends the lifespan of the filter membrane by over 1.5 times on average. A unique feature of this product is its electronic water tap with integrated filter replacement warning, ensuring constant purity and safety of the water supply.

2. KAROFI – KSI80 Water Purifier

KAROFI - KSI80 Water Purifier


The KAROFI – KSI80 Water Purifier from Karofi features a low water pressure alert function to ensure operational efficiency and durability. It automatically alerts when filter replacement is needed, displaying detailed remaining replacement time for each filter on the screen. Self-cleaning RO membrane enhances water quality, reducing wastewater by 13% to minimize wastage. The RO filtration technology effectively removes 99.99% of Amoeba, Arsenic, heavy metal ions, viruses, bacteria, and other impurities, providing completely pure drinking water without the need for boiling.

3. KANGAROO KG09A3 VTU Xanh RO Water Purifier

KANGAROO KG09A3 VTU Xanh RO Water Purifier

The KANGAROO KG09A3 VTU Xanh RO Water Purifier consists of 6 filter cores, with the 4th core being an RO membrane sourced from South Korea, capable of removing impurities, bacteria, and heavy metals. Combined with the 5th core using Nano Silver antibacterial technology, it can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria for even purer water.

4. Coway P-300R Water Purifier

Coway P-300R Water Purifier

This water purifier from Coway, a renowned brand from South Korea, particularly the Coway P-300R model, is currently the best-selling water purifier. It’s trusted by many households domestically and internationally for its ability to inhibit bacteria and mold growth after water filtration. Equipped with advanced 5-layer filtration technology, it effectively removes harmful chemicals such as Chlorine, detergents, pesticides, algae, heavy metals, bacteria, and odors, providing the purest water for your family.

5. SUNHOUSE SHR8809K RO 9-Core Water Purifier

SUNHOUSE SHR8809K RO 9-Core Water Purifier

The SUNHOUSE SHR8809K Water Purifier can filter various water sources like rainwater, well water, river water, or iron-contaminated water. Using Nano Silver technology combined with Alkaline, it eliminates all bacteria in the water, allowing direct drinking. With 9 filter cores, including the 8th core for supplementing beneficial minerals, the system automatically stops operation when the input water is insufficient or the storage tank is full, ensuring utmost convenience for users.

Having clean water every day is crucial for maintaining the health of your entire family. We hope this article provides you with valuable information for selecting the right water purifier.


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